Meet Our Staff

Meet our new Executive Director,
Lynn Prentiss

We are excited to announce the hiring of our new Executive Director, Lynn Prentiss. Lynn comes to UCAP with more than 18 years of education and experience in the Rhode Island community and a passion for helping middle school students.

Lynn holds a degree in Post-secondary Education/Math from URI and a Masters in Teaching and Learning from Johnson & Wales. She began her teaching career at Paul Cuffee Middle School in Providence and went on to become Principal at both Globe Park Elementary in Woonsocket and Winman Middle School in Warwick. Most recently, she served as Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment at Beacon Charter Schools in Woonsocket.

Lynn’s commitment to middle school youth, collaboration and diversity is an outstanding fit for The UCAP School.

A Note From Lynn Prentiss

I began my work in education at UCAP 18 years ago as Rob DeBlois’ assistant and that experience is the reason I decided to go back to school for education.

When I left UCAP to continue my education, Rob asked me what I planned to do with my life (in his loving and comedic way!). I shared that I would someday lead a school like UCAP. It is with great honor that I am in this position now and I am excited to begin 2022 working with the dedicated staff here to provide a high quality education to all of our students.

Middle school is a really impressionable, awesome and sometimes tough couple of years for students, especially those who have struggled academically, socially and/or emotionally.

During my first few weeks at UCAP I’ve already had the chance to see, firsthand, the remarkable students who come through our doors every day. They are are bright, strong, kind, ambitious and curious and I firmly believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that every one of them is prepared with the necessary skills, habits, attitudes and behaviors that will serve them well beyond our school doors.

I believe doing things differently is necessary if we want to be able to meet the needs of an ever-changing world that expects students to be fluent in the 21st century skills of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. Change will be inevitable and a necessary part of this transition, and I welcome the opportunity whole-heartedly.

As the Executive Director of UCAP, I will address the inequity that faces our youth – those who have been academically left behind. My time 18 years ago with UCAP and Rob DeBlois is the reason I have dedicated my professional career to working with urban youth, and I look forward to working closely with community stakeholders to continue moving academic achievement forward for the amazing students of UCAP.

Most sincerely,
Lynn Prentiss

Current Job Openings

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Teaching Partner

Job Type: Part-time (25-30 hours per week)
Salary: $25 Per Hour
Location: Providence
Reports to: Executive Director (or Designee)

Works collaboratively with instructional staff to support the total educational program of the Urban Collaborative; works primarily with a team or specified teacher that is responsible for the education of 70-80 students; works with all school and community resources to ensure the students’ success.

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In-House Substitute Teacher

Job Type: Full Time
Location: Providence
Reports to: Executive Director
We have one person who serves as our in-house Substitute Teacher. Ideally, we are looking for someone who is flexible and dependable, able to take direction, uses feedback to improve their work, and a passion for working with students.

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Social Studies Teacher

Job Type: Full Time
Location: Providence
Reports to: Executive Director
Pay: $ 50,000 to $ 81,000 based on experience
Works collaboratively with other staff to develop, implement, and assess the total educational program of The UCAP School; works with a team that is responsible for the education of 70-80 students; works with all school and community resources to ensure the students’ success.

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Lynn Prentiss
Executive Director

Alex Desjardin
Dean of Student Culture and Climate

Ernest McNair
Assistant Dean of Student Culture and Climate

Erin T. Oliver M. Ed.
Director of Curriculum and Assessment

Carrie Chekal
Director of Development and Communications

Jalen Dupre
Director of Beyond U Programs

Carolyn Taylor
Director of Special Education

Katie Wetherby
Director of Marketing

Neida Gilmete

Anna Prince

Muriel Ouellette

Lady Jaramillo

Jeff Guillemette
Joe Killilea

Ariana Wohl

Thomas V. Stepka

Karlene Kelly

Sean McMaugh

Rebecca Harcourt

Tracey Bolton
Lisa Massey

Briana Casale
Amanda Lutrario

Carolina Almonte

Camille Montano

Jay Murray

Xavier Brooks
Emely Cortez
Katie Cowherd
Andrew Hanlon
Alicia Kabbas
Noah Provost
Marion Skeets

Deb Ferrara

Pat DiLucido

Katheryne Mejia
Rafaelina Olivences

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The teachers and staff never gave up on me.

Jesus Nunez, former UCAP student

Freshman at Johnson & Wales University studying business administration