The big picture: the model works

The UCAP model's effectiveness was measured in the 2007 report Student Performance Outcomes of A Rhode Island Public Alternative School: The Challenge and the Results. [link to report] Comparing UCAP's results to date against a representative sample of Providence students (that is, students who are demographically comparable and have been retained but did not attend UCAP):

  • UCAP's students overall are between 20 – 25% more likely to graduate than their Providence peers
  • UCAP students who accelerate in all subjects and complete three full grades in two years are up to 90% more likely to graduate than their peers.

When UCAP saw the dramatic impact of acceleration on high school graduation rates, we adopted an even more-aggressive "Whatever it Takes" approach. New strategies included adopting a standards-based curriculum and developing a series of small group (2-10 students) "interventions" based on student needs, e.g. in a particular academic area for remedial or advanced work, or to improve study skills, or address behavioral issues.

The results speak for themselves: stronger and stronger

In 2009-10, UCAP once again met all state testing goals. Attendance exceeded 93%.

Another key measurable area is acceleration, where students move forward a grade level in Math, English, Social Studies and Science, at an accelerated pace throughout the year.

Each seventh grade student can accelerate a maximum of twelve times – three per subject – as they work to complete three grades in two years. A student who enters in the eighth grade hopes to complete 8th and 9th grades in one year, and can accelerate eight times.

In 2009-10, students achieved 320 accelerations, eclipsing our previous average of approximately 250 per year.


The Rhode Island Department of Education offers comprehensive, school by school, district, and statewide school achievement results through its InformationWorks website.

If you have any questions or would like clarification on any of the Information Works data, please contact us.

Beyond School Activities: 2009-10 results

  • 140 = every UCAP student participated in at least one activity.
  • 76 = the average number of hours each student spent in out-of-school-time programs.
  • 57 = the number of students who participated in AS220's visual and performance-based art activities during our first year of a very successful and ongoing partnership.
  • 38 = the number of one-day field trips for students and families.
  • 35 = the number multi-week recreational, academic, and/or enrichment activities offered
  • 15 = the number of parents who completed a 30-week literacy class held at UCAP and run by Dorcas Place in the 3rd year of this effective program.
  • Monthly parent engagement activities included a family trip to Escobar Farm Maze, Roger Williams Lantern Spectacular, movie nights, and a Potluck dinner and Showcase of student work.

Expanding the Possibilities capital campaign

  • 40% = $1.4 million: the amount raised to date toward the $3.5 million  expansion that will – finally – bring essential science, lab, art, performance, recreation, meeting, and classroom space equal to our students' enthusiasm and needs.