Beyond School Programs:
A 21st Century Learning Community Center

The Data

Research findings on the value of out-of-school time programs on students’ academic achievement and social growth are irrefutable.  Programs held after school, on the weekends and during school breaks improve students’ attendance, study habits, attitudes toward school and school work, confidence in their abilities and aspirations for the future.  Concurrently, these programs decrease students’ likelihood of committing crimes, being the victims of crimes, using drugs and engaging in sexual activity.  These findings directly correspond to our own experience with our Beyond School programs.

The Details

Our Beyond School programs, which are funded by a 21st Century Learning Community Center grant and private donations, provide out-of-school time programming to support our students’ academic and social needs. Beyond Schools Director Elisa Almonte coordinates a wide range of activities to augment students’ school experience and keep them engaged in a safe and nurturing environment. 

There are six Beyond School sessions throughout the year, and each session the activities are planned based on student interest and need. 

Academic Programs include:

  •     Homework Club
  •     Saturday School
  •     Vacation Catch-Up

Enrichment Programs include:

  •     Buen Provecho (Latin Cooking)
  •     Cookie Monsters (Baking)
  •     Expressive Art
  •     Karaoke
  •     Ladies Chat Room
  •     Ladies Spa
  •     Latin Dancing
  •     Live Band
  •     Photography
  •     Talking Walls (Mural Painting)
  •     Voice Art
  •     Visual Arts

Recreational Programs include:

  •     Basketball 1-on-1
  •     Bowling
  •     Cheerleading
  •     Fit for Life
  •     Fitness Bootcamp
  •     Flag Football
  •     Ice Skating
  •     Indoor Rock Climbing
  •     Kayaking
  •     Trampoline

The Numbers (2012-13 School Year)

  • 46 weeks:  Beyond School operated for 41 weeks during the school year and 5 weeks in the summer.
  • 100% of students participated in at least one activity.
  • 51% of students attended 30-59 days of programs.
  • 29% of students attended 60-89 days.
  • 12% of students attended 90+ days.


The UCAP Community


Community involvement is at the heart of UCAP.  Talented and dedicated parents and volunteers assist with activities and, as they develop relationships with the students, become more involved.  Aside from working collaboratively with middle and high schools in the participating communities, UCAP works with many community agencies to support art programs, student mentorships, recreational activities, and special programs.

To learn more about volunteering, please contact our Beyond School Coordinator, Elisa Almonte.  If you would like to make a financial or in-kind contribution to Beyond School programs, please click here or contact our Development Director, Vivienne O'Dwyer, at 401-272-0881 or