UCAP Theory of Action





> Serve students who have repeated a grade and are at risk of dropping out


> Offer unique multi-level, standards-based curriculum that leads to acceleration in grade


> Use best practice instruction


> Employ mixed grouping and flexible scheduling


> Provide Beyond School academic and enrichment programs


> Personalize student support


> Offer family engagement and guidance with an emphasis on post-secondary planning


>Provide job-embedded professional development


> Conduct structured assessments that evaluate the organization’s performance


> Maintain independent and autonomous school structure


> Seek community partnerships and resources


> Employ positive public recognition of student achievement


> Offer multiple opportunities and pathways to success


>Promote belief in effort-based intelligence and achievement

> Attendance


>Accelerations/On Pace

> Parent engagement and relationship with school


> Quality of curriculum


> Quality of instruction


> Quality of professional development


> Interventions and outreach


> Beyond School participation


> Community support and collaboration


> Student relationships within school


> Recruitment


> Collaboration within the school



















> Make up a year of school


> Perform well on standardized tests


> Meet standards on performance assessments


> Show improved school habits, effort, and attitude toward school


> Show improvement in social behavior

> Improved high school performance


> Increased high school graduation rates


> Increased rate of post-secondary enrollment and graduation


> Employed as productive and participatory citizens


> Involved as active community members and leaders


> Committed to life long learning