Student Outcomes

UCAP students will be able to:

  1. Think critically, conduct research (develop theses, arguments, solutions), and demonstrate information literacy (find, analyze, and apply resources).

  2. Articulate their thinking verbally through the use of relevant knowledge and evidence, independently and as part of a group.

  3. Use a variety of cognitive strategies independently to problem-solve, make decisions, and successfully complete class work.

  4. Use English literacy skills effectively in all content areas.

  5. Be self-directed in their learning by being prepared for the school day, taking ownership for and reflecting on their work and progress, understanding their learning styles, and using study skills.

  6. Positively and effectively work together in groups.

  7. Be a community member by taking responsibility for their actions and taking on a positive leadership role.

  8. Be inquisitive and learn because they want to know and understand to succeed in school and beyond.

  9. Explore their personal and career interests and find personal connections that relate what they are learning to their own lives.

  10. Use technology literacy skills effectively in all content areas.