Jim Bowker

Jim Bowker has been the Technology Coordinator at UCAP since 2001, but he has been involved in education professionally for most of his adult life.  Before working at UCAP, Jim worked at several schools as a technology coordinator; but he also served as the Departmental Computing Coordinator at  Brown University’s Coalition of Essential Schools as well as working as a project director for Brown’s Education Alliance for Equity and Excellence in Our Nation’s School.  Jim began his career in education teaching high school math at School One in Providence, and, during that time, he also worked for the Spirit program for two summers.

Jim holds an AB from Brown University in Computer Science, and he also worked on a Ph. D. in Educational Psychology at Michigan State University where his emphasis was on Educational Technology.  Jim is married to the current Head of School at School One, Jennifer Borman.  He and his wife live in Cranston, and they have two children—a son, Ben, and Isabella, their daughter.

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