A Letter from Our Director 

About 29 years ago, when I began thinking about whether a school could be created to serve students who needed a new kind of learning environment, many people thought such a project would be very difficult. They were right. However, what very few people pointed out was that there were many who would enthusiastically invest in a school like The UCAP School.

At that time, I did not know that several urban school districts would embrace a school that required a new way of doing business. I was unaware that many teachers, counselors, and administrators would go out of their way to support an independent public school. I questioned whether students and their parents would give us a chance to prove that children who had histories of school failure could accelerate to their grade level through a unique environment of unity, community, achievement and possibility. Now I know that all of these things are possible.

Since The UCAP School began, one thing has been a consistent strength: The network of friends who support it. Because of help from friends like you, our school can offer students numerous opportunities to succeed. These include all kinds of programs that take place during non-school hours, as well as renovations of a new building and Annex, to give students a more enriching and dynamic education.

Soon the school will enter its 30th year, and I can see a future that is defined more by its possibilities than by its limitations. At the same time, I understand that we could have done nothing to realize our vision, without the support of friends from all walks of life, who have helped. I thank you for your support and I look forward to our continued partnership.

Robert DeBlois
Director, The UCAP School


Rob DeBlois, Director of The UCAP School

Chris Cuthbertson, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Deb Ferrara, Assistant to the Director
Abraham Bienvenido Perdomo Henderson, Dean of Students
Lisa Hoopis, Coordinator of Admissions & Recruitment
Nathan Kaufman, Business Manager
Andrea Joseph, Interim Director of Development
Muriel Ouellette, School Secretary
Carolyn Taylor, Special Education Administrator/Title I Coordinator
Mimi Tsiane, Academic Support Specialist

Social Studies

Briana Casale
Phil Silva

Technology Coordinator

Jim Bowker

Beyond U Program

Elisa Almonte, Director of Beyond U Programs
Lady Jaramillo, Parent Engagement Coordinator


Shannon Campbell, School Counselor
Steffanie Hozempa, School Social Worker

Special Education

Carolina Almonte
Bridget Seigle

75 Carpenter Street Providence RI   |   401-272-0881

The teachers and staff never gave up on me.

Jesus Nunez, former UCAP student

Freshman at Johnson & Wales University studying business administration