UCAP seeks to intervene in the lives of young adolescents having serious difficulty in school and placed at risk of dropping out, to help each of them obtain the academic and social skills necessary for success in high school and in life.  We strive to create a supportive community that will motivate students with a coherent, relevant, and challenging academic program.  We stress the importance of taking responsibility, working hard, achieving at high a level, setting goals, taking risks, and having fun.


We will have a positive effect on the lives of adolescents at risk of school failure by helping them develop the skills, attitudes, habits, and behaviors necessary to complete high school. Our families will be engaged in their children's education and the life of the school. UCAP will demonstrate improvement in students' academic achievement and acceleration rates every year. We will advocate for the creation of other schools and programs based upon the UCAP model.


  • We enroll students who have been retained-in-grade and exhibit other
    characteristics that suggest they are in danger of dropping out.

  • Our students and their families care about their futures, and we embrace the diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints that they bring to our learning community.

  • Our students possess many assets, and will assume responsibility for their own learning and achieve at high levels.

  • Our students will advance-in-grade at an accelerated rate when presented with challenging and flexible learning plans, a supportive and structured community, and clear expectations of high performance from all members.

  • Valuable learning goes on beyond the traditional boundaries of the school day, school year, or school building, so we partner with students? families, community-based organizations, businesses, foundations, and other groups that have a stake in the success of all children.

  • An effective learning community, based upon best practices, helps students become successful life-long learners, so our educators will do whatever it takes to ensure the success of each child, and to be held accountable for the results.

  • All members of the UCAP learning community are committed to their own on-going development in order to be able to help students achieve at the highest levels.

  • We are committed to school-based management with shared decision-making, exploration of innovative ideas, use of best practices, and experimentation.

  • We believe that many more students could benefit from our acceleration model than can be accommodated at UCAP, and so we must advocate for and seek opportunities to develop new schools based on our model.